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escarabajo de la patata

Common name

Potato beetle, doriphora, Colorado beetle.


Tomato, Potato, Eggplant

Time of treatment

Treatment is recommended when observing the first larvae, both chemically and by biological control organisms (for example, Bacillus thuringiensis) is most efficient in the first larval stages.

FuturCrop is a software that calculates daily the conditions that modify the life cycle of pests. When a change occurs, it informs the user of the opportune moment to carry out the most efficient control treatment, and thus reduce the number of treatments and their costs.

Life cycle states calculated by FuturCrop

  • Eggs
  • Pupae
  • Larvae

If you are registered in FuturCrop you will receive an email 7 days in advance when the pest will be in one of the following states.

The software is updated daily according to weather conditions, and sends an email informing the date on which the biological change of the pest finally occurs.

Decision Support System for Integrated Pest Management

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