Software de control de plagas

Perform fewer, more efficient treatments

Pest Control Software

Decision Support System for Integrated Pest Management

Efficiency, savings and SUSTAINABILITY

Agricultural, forestry and ornamental pest control

FuturCrop’s predictive analytics ensure optimisation of inputs and increase field yields.

It allows you to monitor pest risks and prevent their consequences, or to treat critical areas by reducing the amount of chemicals.



Managing risk and uncertainty

FuturCrop calculates and predicts the biological cycle of pests, provides information on the optimal time to perform phytosanitary treatments or apply alternative control techniques.

  • When pests are most vulnerable.
  • When conditions are most favorable for their development.
  • When they can cause greater damage to crops.
software agrícola
software agrícola
Software de control de plagas agrícolas
Software de control de plagas

why it is needed

Who uses it?

  • Pest management technicians

    Knowing the real pest risks allows optimizing field visits, alerting customers, making decisions on cultural measures or treatments.

  • Public Administration

    City councils, county councils, etc. can control the risks of pests in forests, parks and gardens and supervise the actions carried out by work teams or maintenance companies.

  • Farming companies and farmers

    Facilitate pest monitoring and identification, plan treatments and reduce the use of pesticide products (more than 40% in pesticides, up to 70% in biocides). Decisions based on objective information allow planning the storage and transportation of biocides, biological control organisms, phytosanitary products, traps, etc.

  • Coops and associations

    The assessment of the real pest risk allows optimizing resources and tasks. By using the software it is possible to control the risk and population density of pests of various crops in distant fields.

  • Landscaping companies

    Optimize task planning based on future risk assessment. Respond to real risks. To facilitate and improve the recording of scouting and treatments. Transmission of knowledge that facilitates the identification of pests to operators.




Daily monitoring of pest status Prediction of changes in pest development Risk warnings


Calculates the date when treatments are efficient Eliminates the need for treatments if there is no risk


Morphology, habits of the pests at each stage of development, the corresponding biological control organisms for each pest, etc.


Save efforts and time. Greater success in treatments, as they are carried out when the pest is most vulnerable

smart agriculture
predicción de plagas agrícolas

How it works

KNOWING the life cycle of pests increases the success of their CONTROL

Match treatments with the most efficient date to eliminate pests from your crops.

In pest control, the product does not matter so much as when it is applied.  

Case studies

Less work, lower costs

Artificial intelligence and pest control

smart agriculture

Why FuturCrop?

Since 2016 we offer the solution, at a reasonable price and without problems of installation and maintenance of equipment, to the problems of technicians and farmers:

  • Easy user interface.
  • Provides a lot of data on pests
  • Higher number of pests than other software.
  • Daily conttol.
  • Warnings.
Non-risk accuracy
Virtually no false negatives 91%
Accuracy of pest phase calclulation
/ dais in advance 78%
Increased treatment effectiveness
Savings of 40-70% 84%
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On-line since 2017 FuturCrop has users from more than 27 countries for pest control of all types of crops.

The ease of use and acquisition makes FuturCrop the easiest and most economical tool to gain greater control over the risk of crops suffering a pest attack.


Media coverage

Media appearances: radio and TV interviews, presentations in specialised magazines, reviews in news agencies, contributions in agricultural supplements and Seminars.

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