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FuturCrop is an Information System for efficient decision making in Integrated Pest Management.

It informs about the stage of the pest life cycle, the number of generations and predicts when to perform control actions.

For efficient pest control, it is essential to know the pest status, as it determines the type of treatment, the timing and the product.

Making decisions based on real data helps to reduce the number of treatments, with the consequent cost savings.

1- Control of all pests that can affect your crops, including transboundary pests.

2.- Emails warning of the expected date of change in the life cycle of pests 7 days in advance.

3.- Calculation of the most efficient moment of treatment.

4.- Información morfológica y guía de monitoreo para cada una de las fases de la plaga.

5.- Herramientas de registro de monitoreos y tratamientos químicos y/o biológicos.

6.- Base de datos de materias activas para tratar cada plaga.

179 algorithms have been developed on phenological models duly validated in different locations.

These 179 pests affect more than 250 crops.

You can see a list of pests and crops here.

A diferencia de otros programas, no precisa de instalación de hardware adicional ni sensores 

All you have to do is fill in the personal data form and the location of the field. You pay a flat fee that includes life cycle monitoring of the pests assigned to the selected crops.

All program information is archived in the cloud. It is therefore accessible from anywhere in the world, using a device with internet access.

You can create as many fields as you need, anywhere in the world and you will have their local information.

The fields will be of the same crops you hire, and you will have information about their pests.

When first accessed, the program collects daily data since 2016 and reconstructs the historical record of pests in the field until the final data is processed.

You can close the application and come back after a while. From then on you will start receiving risk alert and prediction emails.

In the configuration menu you can uncheck the pests you are not interested in monitoring.

At any time. Just send an email to

You can see our Refund Policy here.

You can receive alerts on your phone, view data and use the application to record monitoring and treatments.

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