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Through the free registration of FuturCrop, the user will receive warning messages of some of the pests that affect their crops, and their status of biological development to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as product recommendations.

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The registration as a user of FuturCrop allows the program to monitor and know the status of development of all pests for registered crops, in a specific location, requires a subscription payment that allows access:

  • Prediction of the development of the pest for the following 10 days.
  • History of the biological evolution of the pest since 2016 (including the relationship between the thermal integral and the biological states of the pests and the specific dates on which the changes have taken place)
  • Function of registration of damages, captures and treatments carried out
  • Reports of justification of the treatments performed
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You can choose one, several or all the pests that affect your crop so that FuturCrop sends you notices of risk, and the future biological development of the pest. Please keep in mind that FuturCrop can also control non-local pests that could attack crops in your area. In the configuration menu you can later modify the selection of the pests you choose.

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