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FuturCrop improves the monitoring of pests and the effectiveness of treatments

FuturCrop improves the monitoring of pests and the effectiveness of treatments

Futurcrop - 02-11-2016

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that global agricultural production loses approximately 40% due to pests and diseases. The economic value of these losses was in 2016 approximately USD 40,000,000,000. Controlling these losses can not depend exclusively on the application of chemical insecticides, whose agricultural expenditure amounted to USD 59,000,000 in the same year. The agriculture of the future will be conditioned by sustainability, producing more and better, without increasing the resources of land and water and, above all, minimizing its environmental impact, obtaining food with a minimum of chemical residues in food.


Agriculture needs new technological developments that facilitate decision-making in the consumption of agricultural inputs. Currently, the needs of water or fertilizers are being controlled by sensors. But there were no new technologies that would provide adequate information to optimize an Integrated Pest Management.


FuturCrop is a software that has been developed to optimize sampling times and reduce the necessary treatments (both phytosanitary and biological) to the necessary and efficient.


Farmers need to visit the field to check and control the condition of the crops and carry out sampling. FuturCrop informs about the appropriate moments to carry out samplings in the crops, because it sends alerts of the change in the biological development of the pests. In this way the moment of appearance is controlled, or if its biological cycle is accelerated.


It is important to have a prior knowledge of what is necessary to monitor, since the pests have different habits according to their development phase, they differ in their distribution in the crop, as well as the places where they are found.

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